Videomaking with the Sony A7S ii

Over the past few months I have been getting more and more involved with video production. I've always had a strong interest in storytelling through different mediums so it feels like a natural extension into video making using the equipment I already possess. However, my primary work cameras are the Canon 5d mkiii and Canon 6d. If you've been keeping up with camera technology you know that Canon reserves its premium video functionality for their cinema line of products. I found myself not only wanting, but requiring higher fps capture rate and 4k.

Based on my research of modern video functionality from the top manufacturers I decided to go with the Sony A7s ii camera body. The criteria for my selection was high bitrate recording, minimum of 60fps in 1080p, and lens selection/AF. The past few videos I have recorded on my Youtube channel have been made using the Sony bodies (A7s ii and A6500). 

Lauren and I decided it was time to record our first music video together. She cover's Jack Johnson's 'Better Together'. Follow me on Instagram @josephdtran Follow Lauren on Instagram @laurenemilycastle

I've been extremely pleased with the advanced functionality of the Sony camera bodies versus my older Canon bodies. I'm actually tempted to switch over to Sony for all my professional work, but don't quite feel its ready for prime time. The lack of dual-card slots is really a buzzkill as I have unfortunately experienced SD card failure in the past.

But as it stands now I am confident to recommend any budding videographers to take a look at Sony's latest offerings.